Zimbis Products

Inventory, Managed

We looked at the inventory challenges dental specialist face, then designed the perfect management system that addresses those challenges.

We know the challenges of having the right inventory in the right quantity at the right time, storing your narcotics safely and ensuring your DEA logs are accurate. We know stockouts happen, emergency orders are expensive and duplicate or excess inventory hurts your bottom line. We also know that it’s crucial that all of your medications are current and not expired.

Zimbis Mini

The compact, affordable solution for DEA-compliant storage.


Retail $399

Zimbis Tower

The comprehensive solution for DEA-compliant storage, including implant and other expensive inventory management.


Retail $799

Zimbis Flex 1000

With over 40 square feet of automated shelf space.


Retail $599

Zimbis Flex 2000

With over 80 square feet of automated shelf space.


Retail $699