Zimbis Flex 2000

Reduce Cost. Increase Profit.

79.5″H x 52″W x 28″”D

Zimbis Flex 2000

The Zimbis Flex, when paired with the Zimbis Tower or Mini Smart Cabinet, opens up a world of new possibility.

With over 80 square feet of automated shelf space spread throughout four spacious door zones, the Flex adds increased Supply Management capacity to your Zimbis System.

Zirconia discs, printer resin, CAD/CAM blocks, bone graft, membrane and other items not suited to drawer storage—but vulnerable to high revenue loss and supply outages—can now be wrapped into an efficient, profitable, automated Zimbis workflow.

Best of all, Flex is driven by Zimbis’ next-generation solid-state hardware, ensuring responsive and intuitive operation.

Flex 2000 Features

Smaller footprint than current supply storage solution

Fully modular: multiple units can be linked together for more storage

Perfect fast-access companion to high-security drawer-based cabinets (ie. ZIMBIS Tower)

Flex Benefits


Reduces manual processes


Replaces 80 square feet of shelving with high-density storage


Works with additional technologies to automate 100% of inventory


Tracks supply usage and automates reordering


Supports the standardization of inventory and reduction in supply spending


Improves supply availability and reduces stock-outs/emergency orders

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You get:

  • Our proprietary cloud-based software
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Seamless integration with your existing lab management system
  • A comprehensive warranty
  • Expert support 24/7

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