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We looked at the inventory challenges dental labs face, then designed the perfect management system that addresses those challenges.

We know that lab supplies are expensive, and accounting for them cuts into your lab’s profits. We know the value of avoiding billing errors, stock-outs and overnight shipping charges. We also know that managing inventory can be very time intensive. Our bi-directional inventory management system integrates seamlessly with your lab’s existing software, streamlining workflows, lowering your costs and raising your profit margin.

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Products for Dental Labs

Zimbis Tower

The comprehensive solution for storing, dispensing and managing implant components, precious metals, and other expensive supplies in your lab.

Zimbis Flex 1000

The perfect smart cabinet for larger inventory items like zirconia discs, printer resin, CAD/CAM blocks and more.

Zimbis Flex 2000

With over 80 square feet of automated shelf space spread throughout four spacious door zones, the Flex 2000 adds more capacity to your Zimbis System.

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At Zimbis, we are united in our vision to improve efficiencies for our customers. We are passionate about healthcare and helping those who deliver it by providing sophisticated solutions that allow them to focus their time on patient care.

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