Zimbis Mini


26.75”H x 19”W x 18″D

Zimbis Mini

Compact and Affordable Solution

Zimbis was founded by dental professionals for dental professionals. We looked at the inventory challenges oral surgeons face, then designed the perfect management system that addresses those challenges. The Zimbis Mini is a compact, affordable solution for DEA-compliant storage, dispensing and management of controlled substances within your oral surgery practice. It saves valuable time for you and your staff, eliminates waste and increases your profit margin.

  • Narcotic safety and DEA log accuracy — Zimbis’ fingerprint ID system allow your staff immediate access to medications as needed, and automatic access tracking ensures accountability.
  • Ready inventory — Zimbis tracks your inventory and automatically re-orders medications as needed, avoiding outages and expensive emergency orders.
  • Excess inventory and expiration control — Automated inventory tracking means you don’t stock medications you don’t need, and expiration dates are automatically monitored and notifications will be sent when item are close to expiring
  • Inventory tracking — Zimbis maintains the lot number tracking you need for FDA compliance.
  • Practice Management System integration — Zimbis seamlessly integrates with your practice management software, logging records straight into your clinical notes and providing instant access to inventory status and printed reports.


Zimbis Mini Benefits


Accurate DEA logs & narcotic safety


Eliminate emergency orders, no overnight shipping charges


Increased charge capture and billing accountability


Fully automated inventory and logs


Fingerprint ID for rapid access and accountability


Cloud back-up of all data necessary


Bi-directional integration with Management Software


Reports available on demand


Reduced time searching and managing inventory


Quick-access Matrix Drawers or high-security CUBIE drawers for the ultimate in customization

Zimbis Mini Options

Control. Optimize. Relax.

Find the right configuration with drawer types that fit your needs:

CUBIE drawers (Half-height)

Available in a set of two, half-height drawers for items like burs, medications and suturesDifferent size configurations available.

Cubie drawers (Full-height)

Full-Height pockets add capacity for larger items like: Bottles, IV bags, and biologics. Different size configurations available.

Matrix Drawer Half-Height

Up to 30 bins

Ask us about our Smart Subscription Program!

Our Smart Subscription program means you can start taking advantage of everything Zimbis has to offer — with no upfront capital investment.


You get:

  • Our proprietary cloud-based software
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Seamless integration with your existing lab management system
  • A comprehensive warranty
  • Expert support 24/7

Ready to take control?

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At Zimbis, we are united in our vision to improve efficiencies for our customers. We are passionate about healthcare and helping those who deliver it by providing sophisticated solutions that allow them to focus their time on patient care.

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