Zimbis integration with Magic Touch Software is here!

Zimbis announces software integration and partnership with Magic Touch Software International, fully integrated smart inventory cabinets now on the horizon for all users of Magic Touch lab management software DLCPM.

Phoenix, Arizona: Zimbis, a division of CUBEX LLC and a leading provider of technology enabled healthcare services in the dental lab sector, has developed a bi-directional software integration between their smart cabinet inventory system and the Magic Touch suite of dental lab management products. The two companies have also announced a commercial partnership.

The Zimbis system facilitates complete, automated inventory management of critical supplies for any dental lab. Zimbis increases profit and efficiency for lab operators by reducing missed revenue and ensuring all critical items are automatically replenished before they run out of stock

“Our Dental Lab placements have really taken off over the past year as lab owners have looked to counter inflation by reducing inventory costs and billing errors. So, we asked, who are the top management software providers that we need to integrate with? And Magic Touch was one of the names at the top of that list.” said Louis Visser, DDS, President of Zimbis. “The team at Magic Touch has just been great to work with, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this integration to the dental lab space.”

With this new software integration, Magic Touch users can dispense all desired parts for a case directly from the Zimbis smart cabinet without needing to enter the case information themselves – it will seamlessly sync with the Zimbis system. The exact costs for all parts will be transmitted back to Magic Touch with no additional input from the tech, ensuring that all charges are correct. FDA lot numbers are also logged for compliance purposes, and once the quantity-on-hand for an individual SKU falls below a pre-set inventory threshold, Zimbis will automatically re-order that SKU from the supplier so that costly overnight shipping and the anxiety of ‘stock outs’ become a thing of the past.

Zimbis Smart Inventory Cabinets are highly configurable to accommodate almost everything in a dental office or laboratory. Implants, abutments and other associated components are handled within Tower units featuring individually sealed compartments, while larger items such as zirconia discs, cerec blocks, printer resin, etc. are kept in secure Flex cabinets.


ZIMBIS is a leading provider of innovative health care automation and cloud-based business intelligence solutions that enable the dental health providers to improve supply and medication management, cost and patient outcomes while at the same time increasing regulatory compliance. More information can be found at www.zimbis.com.

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