PHOENIX, Ariz. – August 18, 2022 – Zimbis, a division of CUBEX LLC and provider of medication and supply management technology, announced today the launch of a partnership with ACE SOUTHERN, a leading global provider of surgical products, including biologics, pharmaceuticals, and surgical supplies.Nurse with Zimbis

The partnership with ACE SOUTHERN supports Zimbis’ mission to provide clients with solutions and workflows that address their specific medication and supply requirements.  This announcement expands ACE SOUTHERN’s order integration to restock inventory with product appearing in a customer’s shopping cart once inventory reorder levels are achieved.

“We very much look forward to our partnership with Zimbis,” said Michael Mancini, COO of ACE SOUTHERN. “ACE SOUTHERN looks forward to helping improve operational efficiencies so dental specialists can spend more time delivering quality patient care.”

“Our goal at Zimbis is to provide innovative solutions so our partners and clients can provide the best possible patient care,” said Louis Visser, DDS, President of Zimbis. “We’re excited to partner with ACE SOUTHERN and bring the benefits of this integration to the dental surgery market.”

For more information about Zimbis’ partnership with ACE SOUTHERN and the order integration workflow, please visit

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