High-capacity storage and security for critical inventory, with automated billing through integration with the most popular management systems.

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Zimbis, a division of CUBEX, LLC and the leading provider of inventory and medication management technology to the dental health market, recently announced the introduction of an all-new series of Smart Inventory Cabinets for dental professionals which leverages automated dispensing to reduce the cost associated with managing and maintaining supplies. These new smart cabinets feature FDA-compliant safeguards, bi-directional integration with management software systems when needed, and are available through a subscription, with no capital purchase required.

Zimbis 1000 is the first of several new cabinets in this line, the first large-scale inventory management system designed from the ground up with the needs of dental professionals in mind. Smart security measures are placed around critical inventory, while simultaneously making it easier for staff members to get the supplies they need quickly. Zimbis automates the ordering process to the suppliers when items reach reorder levels. All of the benefits in the Zimbis Mini and LabPlus solutions are present, but with a new, higher capacity form factor with much more room for customization.

“Dental professionals have desperately needed inventory management automation for years, but there hasn’t been a cost-effective solution that addressed the unique challenges they face,” said Louis Visser, DDS, Vice President of Zimbis. “The small, high-value parts used by dentists and dental laboratories are difficult to store and effectively manage, which is why we now offer the Zimbis 1000 and its sister products. It’s the highest density storage system available, perfect for dental labs, dental offices and oral surgery practices.”

Zimbis 1000 is available now through a simple monthly subscription. Visit www.Zimbis.com to learn more or call 949-691-4420 to schedule a demo.

Zimbis Smart Inventory Cabinets are highly configurable, with a wide array of compartment sizes to accommodate almost everything in a dental office or laboratory. Doors protect larger items like impression material, alginate, composites and compartmentalized drawers hold other components. Tiny ‘Pico’ compartments – 60 to a drawer – are especially helpful for dispensing burrs, endodontics files, implants and other very small parts common in Dental Health.

About Zimbis

Zimbis is a leading provider of innovative health care automation and cloud-based business intelligence solutions that enable the dental health providers to improve supply and medication management, cost and patient outcomes while at the same time increasing regulatory compliance. More information can be found at Zimbis.com.