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Zimbis QBud

Inventory Tracking For Supply Rooms

Maximize the potential of your Zimbis Mini, Zimbis Tower, or Zimbis LabPlus with the Zimbis QBud system. Place a QBud — smaller then a deck of cards — wherever you store a particular item, and QBud continuously displays how many you have in stock. Press the “Take” button when you remove items from storage and QBud communicates wirelessly with your inventory system, tracking your stock. QBud alerts you when your stock is low, automatically places an order at the minimum threshold you set. Use QBud as a stand-alone system or as a powerful addition to your Zimbis Mini, Zimbis Tower, or Zimbis LabPlus.

  • Attaches directly to existing storage systems or shelving and displays quantity on hand.
  • Automatically places an order based on minimum inventory thresholds. 
  • Indicates when reorder or delivery is imminent. 


QBud Benefits


Reduces manual processes


Improves supply availability and reduces stock-outs/emergency orders


Works with additional technologies to automate 100% of inventory


Tracks supply usage and automates reordering


Supports the standardization of inventory and reduction in supply spending


QBuds are the ideal solution for managing bulky supplies, white goods, and other typical, supply room items. QBuds can be used as a standalone system or as an ad-on option to exiting technologies.

QBud Features

QBud Station

  • 15” color touch-screen, PC
  • Biometric, fingerprint ID
  • Comes standard with 40 QBuds
  • Additional QBuds available in packs of 20

QBuds as an Add-on

  • Comes standard with 40 QBuds
  • 1 QBud upgrade kit
  • Additional QBuds available in packs of 20

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  • Our proprietary cloud-based software
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Seamless integration with your existing lab management system
  • A comprehensive warranty
  • Expert support 24/7

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