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When a Practice/Lab Management System (PMS) checks in a patient/case, the patient/case will automatically send over to myCubex and activate the patient at the inventory device. When the patient/case checks out or when invoicing is initiated in the PMS, the patient/case will deactivate at the cabinet.


When a patient med order is created in the PMS, the order is automatically sent to myCubex and will be readily available at the cabinet. If a med order needs to be cancelled, the integration automatically removes the order from the cabinet.



When transactions are completed at the cabinet, the integration will pull the most recent item transactions and quantities. This information is populated within the billing or invoicing section of the PMS. The integration can account for takes, returns, and waste. The PMS uses these transactions to calculate the price for customer invoicing.

PO Submission

This integration is used for suppliers, manufacturers, or procurement systems. The cabinet’s automated PO’s will post directly to the supplier’s shopping cart or will post directly to the procurement system’s UI for ordering. With our new Pegasus integrations, the customer will receive a notification if there exists an invalid SKU in the PO, if an item is discontinued, or if an item is backordered. Then the user can update the shopping cart as needed. This mitigates stock-outs and manual inventory counts for ordering supplies and medications.

Automated Shipping Notification

This integration is for distribution vendors and procurement systems. After an order has been placed to a vendor, the vendor or procurement system will send us item cost updates and quantity changes.

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