Zimbis Locker


Zimbis Locker

Zirconia Disc Management

Zimbis was founded by dental professionals for dental professionals. We looked at the inventory challenges dental laboratories face, then designed the perfect management system that addresses those challenges. The Zimbis Locker is an affordable solution to automate the mangement of Zirconia Discs. It saves valuable time for you and your staff, eliminates waste and increases your profit margin.

  • Inventory Tracking for Zirconia Discs – Prevent stockouts, over ordering and obsolete inventory
  • Accurate Monitoring – Tracks supply usage and automates reordering
  • Increased Efficiency – Reduces manual processes
  • Business Intelligence – Track usage by user/department
  • Lab Management Software integration — Zimbis seamlessly integrates with your lab management software, logging transactions and providing instant access to inventory status and usage reports.


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    At Zimbis, we are united in our vision to improve efficiencies for our customers. We are passionate about healthcare and helping those who deliver it by providing sophisticated solutions that allow them to focus their time on patient care.

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